What kind mattress should you sleep on if you like to sleep naked in bed?

What Do You Wear In Bed?

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If you’re from Leeds there’s almost a 50-50 chance you sleep naked

A whopping 34% of Brits sleep in the buff, according to a survey by Travelodge, with Yorkshire the UK’s top region for sleeping naked, and Leeds topping the bill with almost 50%. Do they change their sheets more frequently as a result? We hope so. Here is the list of the top 10 spots in the UK for naked sleeping.

  1. Leeds
  2. Sheffield
  3. York
  4. Southampton
  5. Portsmouth
  6. Plymouth
  7. Cambridge
  8. Manchester
  9. Brighton
  10. Glasgow / Edinburgh

40+ and loving it!

Somewhat surprisingly the largest age group for naked sleeping is the over 40’s. Apparently it helps them feel liberated and gives them a good night’s sleep. Life truly does begin at 40 it seems!

What do women like men to wear in bed?

Sorry, gents, but the “nothing but a pair of socks” look is strictly out of bounds. The overwhelming answer is that 0% say “only socks”, despite the fact that there is strong case for it improving the… er.. between-the-sheets adult-based night-time activities.

  • 0% of women like it when a man wears only his socks to bed.
  • 67% say they like just boxers
  • 29% say like him in his birthday suit

No women like socks in bed

5 good reasons for sleeping in the nude…

1. Releases hormones

2. Creates a stronger bond with your partner

3. Induces desire

4. Looks more erotic

5. Feels better

6 reasons NOT to sleep in the nude

1. Guests. A trip to the bathroom can induce all sorts of trauma in house guests.

2. What if there’s a FIRE?

3. Robbers

4. Pets

5. Kids

6. Sleep Walking

What kind mattress should you sleep on if you like to sleep naked in bed?

Here are some key considerations:

  1. Look for a cooling mattress. During the night we all lose moisture as we sleep, through the body’s natural sweating process. So it’s advisable consider a mattress that isn’t hot, and is known for being cool, reducing night sweats as a result. Dormeo’s Octaspring mattresses, for example, are 8 x more breathable than traditional memory foam and will keep you cooler at night.
  2. Is the cover washable? Does your mattress have a removable cover? Some do. Again, this is something that Octaspring has and it’ll keep the mattress fresher for longer and preserve its longevity in the same way that reducing night sweats will.
  3. No metal springs. Comfort is absolutely essential for sleep. Sleeping on an old spring mattress can lead to pressure points, and not having a layer of clothing to protect our bodies from this can exacerbate the problems caused by a lumpy mattress. These pressure points will result in discomfort which will wake you up and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. This is why many experts recommend getting a good quality memory foam mattress.


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