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How To Stay Bright And Well Rested This Summer

Dormeo Summer SleepStay Bright and Well Rested This Summer

Summer is finally here! The days are long and the nights so short that sometimes there’s barely time for the air to cool. Most of us prefer it this way because we have more time to be outside enjoying the sun, but on the downside many people suffer from sleeping problems during the hot summer nights

Bright and Healthy Every Day of the Summer Season

After the dark days of winter, the warmth and light of summer restores our energy supplies and improves our mood. But even in the summer, unfortunately, we are not immune to stress. While the warmer temperatures can be beneficial, they can also affect the circulatory system, with an increased number of people suffering from sleeplessness and tiredness as a result. Lack of sleep creates an imbalance between physical and mental well-being, something we all need to be creative and successful at home and at work. And have you ever noticed people (especially commuters) being increasingly irritable and unable to concentrate?

But OH! Those summer… naihaaaaaaaaaights!

Hot air, smog and pollution have a negative effect on all of us, and make people who live in the city particularly susceptible to stress. When you just cannot seem to fall asleep at night and you wake up in the morning feeling weak and without energy, you are not affected just physically – sooner or later, psychological consequences will surface.

We have prepared a few tips on how to fall asleep quickly, achieve deep sleep and thus to take care of your physical and mental balance even in the summer months.

Peaceful sleep, despite the hot sweaty nights

The ideal temperature for sleep is between 16 and 18 °C, which can be difficult to achieve, particularly on warm summer nights. A temperature at least close to this can be achieved by keeping the curtains in your bedroom closed and shaded during the day, preventing the sunlight from warming the room. Air the bedroom as soon as you wake up in the morning, because that is when the air is at its coolest. It is also a good idea to check the humidity in the room – ideally, it should be around 50%.

Choose Natural Materials

Your bed linen should be light, airy and made from natural materials. It is important that your mattress is made from fibres that will breathe with you, absorb excess sweat and keep you cool in the summer. Your greatest allies in this area are cotton and silk, preferably with added bamboo or soy, both of which are highly absorbent and will make the mattress airy and pleasantly cool.

Here is another tip that might work for you: before you go to bed, place your pyjamas in the freezer for a few minutes. When you put them on, they will feel pleasantly cool and have a refreshing effect, helping you to fall asleep much faster.

Did you just say “put your pyjamas in the freezer?”

Yes. Just try it! We each have our own biorhythm. So listen to your body and take it into consideration, especially when it is telling you that you need to rest and regenerate. That way, you will be able to wake up at the right time after getting just enough sleep, thus ensuring that your everyday life is filled with energy and creativity.

Thought for the Day:

“Sleep is the best meditation.”

Dalai Lama


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