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Are You Falling Asleep In The Wrong Places?

Falling asleep in wrong places dormeo sleep survey

Last year, Dormeo Octaspring conducted a sleep survey of over 3000 people across the UK to discover more about the nation’s sleeping habits.

Among the findings we discovered that over 50% of British adults admit they have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, while over a third admit to falling asleep by accident in strange places.

We decided to throw in a bit of a fun question at the end, which asked participants the strangest place they’d ever fallen asleep. With answers ranging as widely as the semi-obvious like “in a bed shop” or “at work” (actually, is that semi-obvious!?), to things like “in a crocodile mangrove”, “in a chicken pen”, “in a suitcase”, “riding a llama”, or my personal favourite “in Dudley”; to answers which were really quite alarming, such as “on the back of a motorbike on the M62”, and quite frequently “at the wheel of the car”.

So, from asking what was firstly intended as a fairly jokey question, we came upon some commonly-occurring situations which were actually potentially life-threatening everyday occurrences.

If ever there was a call to take sleep more seriously this would be it.

We all know that good, deep sleep is essential for preserving personal wellness in beauty, body and brain, but the dangers of falling asleep in the wrong places due to poor sleep are more starkly illustrated.

If you regularly have difficulty staying awake during the day, why not try to factor in a short daytime powernap?

It might also be possible that you’re tired during the day because you’re not spending enough time in deep REM sleep at night. This can be caused by slight having disturbances in your sleep as a result of getting too hot, or the creation of pressure points, reducing blood flow in your body’s key contact points with the bed. Both of these symptoms point to problems with your mattress.

If you recognise either of these, and if you’re constantly tired during the day, or unable to stay awake, why not try one of our plush Octaspring mattresses on a 60 night trial. If you don’t like it, and your sleep isn’t significantly improved, just send it back to us and we’ll refund you the cost of the mattress.

The 10 most common places for dozing-off

  1. On public transport (bus’/tubes/trains)
  2. In nightclubs
  3. On the toilet
  4. At work
  5. In the bath
  6. At the cinema
  7. On the beach
  8. On the bathroom floor
  9. In a meeting
  10. At the wheel of a car

Ten of the stranger answers for odd-place snoozing

  1. On a bale of hay
  2. In a skip
  3. In a coal mine
  4. In a brothel (seriously!?)
  5. While on a bouncy castle
  6. On a staircase
  7. While in an exam
  8. At a bank
  9. In a cemetery
  10. While at a football match

Don’t let accidental daytime dozing get the better of you! Give yourself the sleep you deserve!

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