The best bedtime drinks

The Best Drinks For Bedtime

What’s the best drink before going to bed?

Sleep experts always recommend a nice warm bedtime drink just before bed as a helpful contribution to good sleep hygiene. It’ll help get you into that sleepy state of mind and prepare your body mentally and physically for a great night’s sleep.

Most people are of the opinion that “milky is best” (and we’re going to specifically focus on some great milky bedtime drinks at another time) but there are other hot bedtime libations which are equally good for putting you in a relaxed, slumberous state…

1. Cocoa

Of course. We couldn’t leave COCOA out! There are few things more comforting than a nice warm mug of cocoa before bedtime. The Mayans are the first known sippers of cocoa before bedtime, preparing it with roasted cocoa beans, hot water and a pinch of spices.


2. Hot milk

A kiddies’ favourite. It’s the calcium in it that makes it so relaxing and soothing. There’s also something called tryptophan in it which turns to melatonin, the body’s natural “sleepy” hormone. There’s no sugar content, there are no additives, and the best is skimmed milk as this means less fat for your body to process, allowing it to do its nighttime job of repairing and replenishing your body.


3. Camomile tea

Taking a cup of camomile tea about 30mins before bed is a perfect relaxant. It calms the nerves and settles the stomach, and there is of course no caffeine in it. The flavour shouldn’t be too intense, so allow it to brew for just under 3mins. Drink it unsweetened for best results.


4. Peppermint tea

This wildly popular herbal tea has very similar effects to camomile tea, but is arguably more flavoursome. It can relieve stomach problems, aid digestion, boost the immune system, and the taste and smell are said to ease stress.


5. Hot chocolate

Hang on, I hear you say, didn’t we have that at no.1? Well, no, they’re not actually the same thing. It’s an easy mistake to make, but hot chocolate is actually slightly different in that it contains cocoa butter as well as cocoa powder. Plus, it’s made with milk, whereas cocoa is mixed with water, which makes it richer and smoother. Like me (yeh right.)


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Don’t forget, water is also a great thing to have before bedtime thanks to its regenerating properties. And remember, all these sleep tips won’t count for much if you don’t take seriously what it is you sleep on… your MATTRESS!

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  • Amira toby
    Posted at 06:35h, 31 December Reply

    Hot cocoa and hot chocolate usually have some type of sweetener like sugar and for most people especially kids will keep them awake.

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