5 easy ways to improve your mornings

You’ve probably noticed by now, but it’s getting pretty dark and depressing in the mornings as we head deeper into October. With the glorious, light-filled daybreaks of summer a distant memory, it’s becoming very easy to start feeling unmotivated when you need to wake up and get to work.

However, fear not. While you can’t swap the seasons, there are a few of simple yet effective things you can do to make your mornings a little bit easier and to start the day feeling motivated. So, to help you out, we’ve listed five of our favourites ways to improve your mornings below.

Start the day with something you really enjoy

Remember how motivated you were as a child to wake up on Christmas morning when there were presents to unwrap? Well, you can still summon up some of that youthful excitement and energy by starting your day with something you really enjoy. By making yourself happy, even when it’s dingy outside, you will get a nice endorphin boost, so you’ll learn to start looking forward to waking up.

The little gift you give yourself could be anything really! Whether you love to wake up with a cup of fresh, deluxe coffee, go for a morning stroll around the park, or just like sitting down with cereal to watch an episode of your favourite sitcom, make the time for it and you won’t regret it. Then, you can go about your day in a great mood.

Stick to a regular bedtime and waking up time

Did you know that we humans are creatures of habit? We depend on having a regular routine to keep our bodies on track, especially with our sleep cycle. And, because your body naturally adjusts to your daily pattern, if you choose the same regular bedtime and waking up time, your brain will condition itself to feel more wakeful at the time it expects to be switched on.

This means that by sticking to the same sleeping hours every day as much as possible, you will end up getting used to that routine and feeling as naturally awake as possible at the right time of day. As you might expect, it’s usually impossible to go to sleep and wake at the same time every single day (sometimes things just get in the way!), but if you keep it up as often as possible you can give yourself a morning boost.

Give yourself the comfiest sleep possible

There’s little worse than waking up in the morning only to discover that given yourself a crick in the neck or a shoulder ache for the day. This is usually written off as having “slept funny”, but most of the time the fault lies with a tired mattress not giving your body the support it needs through the night. That’s why having a bed that’s up to the task is so important.

Therefore, if you’re looking to keep your mornings pain free, it might be worth investing in your bed. A memory foam mattress or memory foam topper will give you personalised support precisely where your body needs it, while a quality pillow will ensure your neck and head are as comfy as possible. You may also wish to choose a duvet with the right level of insulation to make sure you’re warm in the colder nights ahead.

Squeeze in a morning workout

If you like to work out, the morning is the most beneficial time of day to squeeze in a session. Not only will you feel energised for the day ahead, but your hard work will reward you with a release of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, which are all feel good chemicals that will help you feel free of stress. Plus, getting into the routine of a morning workout is a great bookend for your day, helping to reinforce your body clock as you get used to training early.

You’ll also be able to sleep better at night too! A 2011 study by Appalachian State University looked at several groups of people’s exercise routines compared with their sleep habits, with each group working out at a different time of day. It found that those who hit the gym in the early morning ended up getting a greater amount of sleep than any other group.

Accomplish something nice and easy

Making a list of things you need to do before bed is a commonly recommended trick to relaxing and beating stress that may keep you from sleep. However, you can take this one step further by ticking off one easiest tasks straight away in the morning — this could be something as simple as taking the bins out or washing the breakfast dishes right away.

Doing so can deliver multiple benefits. Not only will it get something off your mind and cross off a chore, but it will give you a sense of accomplishment and build that can-do attitude you need to be extra productive through your working day. Give it a try and we’re sure you’ll feel more fulfilled!

Take the advice in this article on board and you’ll be able start off your mornings with a bang, even in winter. If you have any questions, then be sure to get in touch with our sleep experts. Or, head to our blog and advice centre for more information.

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